Anthony “AJ” Mussachio

Lighting Director

Anthony “Aj” Mussachio is a buffalo born and raised lighting designer. And while he’s only been running lights for a couple years, he comes from a line of architects so design is in his blood!

“My father used to do sound before he committed to architecture and my parents have been taking me to concerts as long as i can remember. Some of my fondest memories are driving around listening to Stevie Ray Vaughn and having my dad explain this history of buffalo, if it wasn’t for my dad i wouldn’t have my love of music. So while my mom wanted me to be a surgeon I’m pretty sure I was destined for this, sorry mom!

Anthony has been on tour with Lespecial and Eggy, as well as working with a multitude of bands at venues across buffalo including Goose, Mt. Joy, Too Many Zooz, Haywyre, Funk you, Litz, Intrepid Travelers, Grub and Dr. Fameus!

In an industry that’s all about pushing boundaries Anthony is always trying to expand his repertoire, and a little birdie told us lasers might be the next thing on the docket!!