Event Management & Operations

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Every event – big or small – relies on proper event management to see it through. From operations to logistics, to staffing and catering, we implement your event with the highest standards with skill and efficiency. We plan, facilitate, and execute – exactly the way it was envisioned. We are there from beginning to end making sure the entire process runs smoothly while making sure to leave no trace behind.

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    • Audio & visual management
    • Site operations & logistics
    • Travel accommodations & ground transportation 
    • Vendor negotiation & sourcing 
    • Artist relations & talent management
    • Catering consultation & management
    • Venue & location sourcing 
    • Workshops & seminar training 
    • Social activities
    • Event examples: leisure, cultural, special events, corporate & private, seminars, conferences, trade shows, workshops, reunions, parties, galas, weddings & more

    Budget Development

    Event budget development is a forecast/projection of the expenses and income that the event will incur based on our client’s plan and vision. Having a budget outline is an essential part of event management and the success of the overall experience. We are here to assist in clarifying your event budget strategy and all the phases that go along with it.

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    • Full budget development
    • Projected vs. actual expenses
    • P&L development
    • Financial goals
    • Annual event data 
    • Entertainment & equipment costs
    • Venue/ site rental costs
    • Evaluation of necessary event assets (i.e. transportation, catering, staffing, activities, decoration, hospitality, site operations, production, etc.) 
    • Contingency fund development

    Food & Beverage Management

    Food and beverage operations involve the purchasing, preparation, inventory maintenance, and catering services of an event. From lining up food trucks to offering full-plate catered dinners, anything is possible. After making the connection between event planning and hospitality it’s easy to see that food and beverage service is a vital function of the experience. Small, single-station beverage setups to large, full-scale premium packages, customizing exactly what the event needs is one of our highest priorities.  

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    • Complete food & beverage development for event
    • Food stations
    • Interactive demonstrations
    • Family style served meals
    • Bar service packaging
    • Bar carts & trailer packages
    • Service & bartender staffing
    • Uniquely tailored food & beverage menus
    • Handling point of sale logistics, if applicable
    • Artist & staff catering 
    • Permitting & licensing acquisition 

    Event Staffing

    Staff are the face of the event and it’s important to have the right people in place. Staff members will prepare the site for all occasions. Working closely with our clients to understand their needs gives us the tools to strategically source and recruit the best workforce available for each and every event – small or large, simple or complex.

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    • Brand ambassadors
    • Bartenders, wait staff & beer pourers 
    • Service attendants 
    • Labor staff (load in, load out, set up)
    • Event hosts & presenters
    • Clean up/green team
    • Security
    • Box-office attendants
    • Sound & lighting design
    • Site operations & production
    • Concession stand attendants
    • Videographers & photographers
    • On site marketing/content creation
    • Ushers

    Talent Buying & Event Consultation

    Adding entertainment to the event will set a special night apart and create a memorable experience for everyone involved. Our talent buying division can select and secure artists and performers from all different genres specific to the event needs. Our team of seasoned buyers have their eyes and ears in tune with great live performance artists and have a knack for creating one-of-a-kind experiences. Talent buyers will work with multiple agencies and management groups to book acts from all over the world. Every event is like a work of art: each one starts with a vision and must be carefully laid out to reach the desired finished product. No matter the event planning skills, there is always more that can be done.

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    • Identify & book talent for events/venue
    • Entertainment contracts & negotiation 
    • Venue management
    • Artist agent contacts & relationships
    • Identifying & selecting applicable music genres
    • Ticket sales & operation
    • Developing action items
    • Building event backend infrastructure
    • Determining department needs per event
    • Guide & assist as much as needed

    Marketing & Branding

    It is essential to understand branding and marketing in order to properly utilize them to create awareness of any event.  There is a difference between the two, it is vital to capture both to target the intended audience and capture the vision. When speaking of marketing vs. branding, marketing refers to the tools utilized to deliver the message of the brand. Marketing will continually evolve, we are here to facilitate the best methods to maximize vision and audience.  We can provide support and assistance in planning, developing, producing, and delivering marketing and communication materials.

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    • Graphic design
    • Social media campaigns
    • Web design
    • Market research
    • Marketing budget development & management
    • Write & distribute press releases
    • Networking events
    • Product launches
    • Job fairs & recruiting events
    • Team building
    • Field marketing & activations
    • On-site content creation 
    • Newsletters

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