Cobblestone Live

Orchestrating an Unforgettable Music & Arts Festival Experience

Cobblestone Live Music & Arts Festival, hosted in the heart of historic Downtown Buffalo, NY, transforms a bustling neighborhood of bars, restaurants, and venues into a vibrant two-day event. This music and arts extravaganza, projected to grow into a nationally recognized festival, combines local charm with a showcase of diverse talents.

Managing a festival of such magnitude called for meticulous planning and execution. Twenty6 Productions rose to the challenge, adopting a hands-on approach to handling diverse tasks. Our involvement ranged from accounting and finance, box office management, and artist relations to enhancing the overall festival experience through curated food and beverage offerings. The team also navigated the complexities of legal and permit acquisitions, site mapping, and embarked on a comprehensive marketing venture.

Our commitment to an unforgettable experience extended to merchandise management, fostering non-profit partnerships, and efficient parking organization. A key factor in the festival’s success was our management of production and staging, creating well-coordinated schedules, overseeing site operations, and ensuring seamless talent transitions.

Sponsorship acquisition and management, staff and volunteer coordination, talent buying, and ticketing were integral parts of our role. Cobblestone Live Music & Arts Festival serves as a testament to Twenty6 Productions’ unyielding commitment to transforming events into extraordinary experiences. Through dedicated planning, professional execution, and a passion for excellence, we brought the festival to life, creating an unforgettable experience for attendees.

Showcasing local talent in a historic setting.

Immerse in the pulsating energy of the Cobblestone Live Music & Arts Festival. Situated in the heart of Downtown Buffalo, this vibrant two-day extravaganza curated by Twenty6 Productions spotlighted local talent, transforming the historic district into a cultural feast.