Step Out Buffalo’s Maker’s & Shakers Boozy Artisan Markets

Crafting Unforgettable Experiences at a Unique Market Event

Step Out Buffalo’s annual Makers + Shakers: Boozy Market, which took place in November 2023 and set to recur in March 2024, offers attendees an engaging mix of shopping, refreshments, food trucks, and giveaways. Featuring over 125 local vendors, this lively event, expertly curated and managed by Twenty6 Productions, transforms traditional shopping into a memorable experience.

In preparation for the event, our team meticulously managed advance venue operations and event production. From visual design planning to efficient ingress and egress routes creation, and pre-site build, each detail was catered to with utmost precision. On the event day, we ensured a seamless experience for all attendees and vendors through effective management of site operations, logistics, and the box office.

Key to our role was the adept management of vendor communication, coordination of permits and insurance, and handling of the ticketing system. We provided excellent guest management for an estimated 10,000 attendees, promptly addressing all incoming customer relation queries, while also being on call for vendors throughout.

Looking ahead to the upcoming event in March 2024, we are employing our successful strategies and lessons learned. From venue coordination and parking plan oversight to sourcing food trucks and designing an event guide, map, and QR code management system, our preparations are well underway. The November 2023 event and our ongoing efforts for the upcoming event underscore Twenty6 Productions’ commitment to creating extraordinary experiences.