Arctic – A Man Under The Ice

Immersive Exhibition Management in Niagara Falls, NY

From October 2022 to January 2023, visitors in Niagara Falls, NY were captivated by the visually stunning exhibition, Arctic – A Man under the Ice. Displaying the enchanting beauty of the Canadian Arctic, this immersive experience showcased the icy world through the eyes of Mario Cyr, a renowned diver, filmmaker, and photographer.

Twenty6 Productions was integral in orchestrating this spectacular event. Our team met the challenge head-on, coordinating a broad range of elements including staffing, box office operations, and the event’s setup and wind-down. The meticulous attention to detail ensured the delivery of a seamless and unforgettable experience for every visitor by upholding high performance standards and strict safety protocols.

Our commitment to excellence extended to enhancing the customer journey. By maintaining smooth operational activities and fostering effective responses to arising issues, we ensured an unparalleled experience for each attendee. Beyond this, our team smoothly managed merchandise sales reported daily from the exhibition’s gift shop, while efficiently overseeing the payroll for all hired staff.

Arctic – A Man Under The Ice serves as a testament to Twenty6 Productions’ unwavering commitment to delivering extraordinary events. By harmonizing thorough planning, professional execution, and a dedicated team, we were able to transform this exhibition into a truly captivating Arctic journey.

Experience the arctic through our lens.

Captivating visuals tell a story words can’t always express. As you transition from a curated selection of motion visuals to a vibrant image gallery, continue to immerse yourself in the stunning depiction of Arctic life, an experience crafted with our unwavering commitment to detail and authenticity.