Testimonial #1

Grace Vesneske is the epitome of production.  I have worked with her for many different concerts and festivals and knew firsthand that her work ethic and experience give her a unique upperhand to others in this industry. Not only does she get the job done, she goes above and beyond to ensure that everyone involved is informed and feels heard. Whether it takes 2 hours or 20 hours, her spirit is never crushed and your world will be a little brighter when she walks in the room. 

Knowing all of these things professionally, I knew that when my wedding plans were scratched due to covid – 19 shut downs, Grace was the one to call. I met with her for roughly 15 minutes 2 days before my wedding, and gave her a handwritten list of things I needed. We both knew this was a bizarre ask, but without hesitation she confirmed that it would all come together and not to worry. 

Grace pulled together pick-ups for catering, a cake, decorations, access in and out of the event space with impeccable timing and all I had to do was show up. Trusting Grace is very easy and she provides a calm presence in the midst of total chaos. There is no event that she couldn’t handle. I have witnessed her abilities amid the most professional tours, and now I can attest to her making a beautiful wedding day out of literally nothing. (Stores were closed y’all, she’s pure magic)

I never had any doubt working with Grace, and if you have the ability to work with her, DO IT! 

Twenty6Productions is the right choice for all your event needs. If Grace is running the show, that’s a show you want to see. No matter what. 

-Emily & Kevin Appler

Testimonial #2

I worked with Josh for a handful of years on a large outdoor fundraising concert. Not only is he on-top of all of the details, but he’s also an engaging leader, a thoughtful team member, and truly a ton of fun!! We were able to take the event to the next level year-after-year because of his vision – truly couldn’t have asked for a better person to work with!

-Andrea Moran

Testimonial #3

As a DIY bride, organizing a backyard wedding, there were a plethora of hurtles and difficult decisions to be made to execute a seamless event.  The mystery of stocking, coordinating, and managing an open bar was foreign to my family and I and so when looking for a bartending service we needed someone that was knowledgeable, professional, and trustworthy.  I had called a handful of local services and they were all very cold and uninformative, until I got a hold of Grace.

Grace came to the venue for our initial consultation and we flooded her with any and every question we could think of and communicated all of our potential concerns.  Grace handled our inquiries effortlessly and delivered precise guidance to ensure that our day went as smoothly as possible.  Grace was able to arrange everything necessary so that the bar worked like a well-oiled machine.  The calculations about how much liquor and what type mixers to buy were crucial to our DIY success and with Grace’s expertise we had the perfect amount and assortment of beverages for our 200 guests.  Her professionalism and spunk helped to construct the perfect environment.  Myself and my guests were extremely pleased with her drink mixing skills and serving efficiency. 

Grace and her team were one of the key components to the success of our wedding reception and I am so thankful that she was a part of our big day!

-Amanda & Mitchell Dobson

Testimonial #4

I have been dying to see Goose in concert for over a year now, but their shows were canceled due to covid. Then I found out they were going to be playing in NY while I was in town visiting on June 15/16, but the tickets were sold out. On a long shot, I called up Twenty6 Productions directly. I didn’t actually expect it to work out in my favor – but it did, and then some! When I called, an actual person picked up! That person was Grace….let me just say that not only did she find a way to accommodate me (and 3 friends) but she made me feel special on a human level which is rare these days….Fast forward to the day of the show, Grace and her people were as much a part of the vibe as the actual band that night. It was such an awesome experience. I even got to meet and take pics with two band members. It was such a good time that I tried to find tickets to the show the next night!  …and they were sold out…. But not to worry, I called Twenty6 Productions…AGAIN! , Grace answered….AGAIN, she instantly remembered me and SHE HOOKED IT UP AGAIN! I ended up being able to see both shows, both nights, and all because ONE person cared enough to look out for me. The vibe I got from the rest of her crew at Twenty6 was more of the same… I’ve never had an experience like that before. The production company was as much a part of the show as the band itself. I had such a good time that I called Grace again to thank her! And guess what, she answered…yet again! I’ll close with this; if Twenty6 is putting on an event, ANY EVENT, I wanna be there! They’re that cool and original. I can’t say enough about them. Thanks again Grace!

-Ron Cooper

Testimonial #5

I’ve hosted events before.  My most successful and least stressful have been the events Josh and his crew have participated in.  I have one in the works with Josh taking a lead role because he can do it the best.  My favorite part is brainstorming because he always finds new ways to make it more entertaining and streamline our logistics.

-Kevin Hays

Testimonial #6

I have hired and worked alongside Adrianne Salmon numerous times in different capacities. Her leadership skills and attention to detail set her apart. She takes pride in her work and is always up for a challenge. No matter the task or situation she handles it like a pro, with a great attitude and a smile on her face. She is creative, resourceful, and efficient. You would be fortunate to have her on your team.

-Syrie Roman

Testimonial #7

Josh and Grace of Twenty6Productions exemplify everything you could really hope for as an artist working with event coordinators in the music industry. In my 10+ plus years touring the country and playing larger scale events, I’m not sure I’ve come across another team that is so professional, kind, respectful, and consistent. It doesn’t hurt that they’re also really cool people, too; it’s legitimately fun working with them. Our experiences together have been damn near perfect top to bottom (which is something you really don’t often get the pleasure of saying in this line of work) from production to hospitality and everything in between. Our team over here at Aqueous seeks them out at every opportunity and will continue to do so in the future. I honestly couldn’t recommend them enough.

-Mike Gantzer (Aqueous)

Testimonial #8

I had big plans for my husband’s 30th birthday before COVID-19 pretty much wiped all my options out. I was stressed beyond belief. It was two weeks before his birthday and I had nothing planned. Since I couldn’t plan a fun birthday trip for him and our loft apartment wasn’t the best size venue to host all our friends and family, the first person I thought to contact was Grace.

I have been blessed to have Grace as a dear friend of mine for about 20 years. Every and any person that comes into contact with Grace, let it be even 5 minutes, they immediately want to be best friends with her. Mostly because she treats you like you’re already best friends. Her presence radiates fun and high energy, and at the same time, focus and organization. So when I reached out to her and she responded almost instantly, my stress started to dissipate and I knew we were about to throw the best surprise 30th birthday party, COVID and all!

Within minutes of us talking, she had a list of venues she was going to contact, people she was going to reach out to (she knows everyone who’s anyone) and was rattling off questions for me about exactly what I wanted. Most were questions that I didn’t even think of. We discussed everything from, if I wanted to use a theme to, how I was getting my husband to the venue to, what time I wanted to serve the cake, and all the small details in between. She even mentioned she would take guests’ temperatures as they arrived to make everyone feel more comfortable.

After we talked on the phone, Grace offered to sit down with me in person to further narrow down how things would run the day of the event. She listened, took clear and specific notes, and gave ideas of things she’s seen done in the past that have worked well, as well as advised me on things not to do. She sent me a copy of the notes she took so we were on the same page and we talked daily leading up to the day of the event. I even had a few last minute issues with trying to turn all the pictures and videos I had been collecting, into a slideshow but Grace took it into her hands and didn’t let the party happen without it. We turned an industrial warehouse-type venue that was temporarily closed, into the most fun, colorful and memorable birthday party I ever imagined was possible. We ended up having 50 guests, tons of good food, a stocked bar, jell-o shots, cake and cookies, balloons galore, banners and party props, awesome music, a slideshow on a big screen projector, cornhole and other lawn games for guests to enjoy, and a polaroid camera where guests could take pictures in front of a large custom background including floating faces of my husband. All Grace’s ideas that ended up being huge hits.

Grace is a total miracle worker. She executed everything she promised and she did it all in two weeks. She never stops working to fulfill others wants and needs. I’ll never host an event without her!

-Gina Lucido (Pete’s Surprise 30th Party)

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